If you may be interested in obtaining a puppy from us, in the first instance, please fill out and send us the initial 'Equiries' form, located below, whilst we do not promise a puppy will be available, it is helpful to have an idea of what you are looking for in order to find the best suited home to each individual.

 After taking Fira on a epic journey to Sweden in autumn 07 to visit Gryffn's Aeyrie consider This (Kerry) - photo below. He is a sweet natured young male, imported to Sweden from America carrying a line that is not so widely available. Two puppies arrived Christmas Day 07, they are now in their new homes. You can find out about them under C.Diva &C.Casper


 Although we are not a large kennel and therefore do not breed frequently, we believe; that as far as possible, available puppies should be matched to suited owners. Therefore we would urge any person interested in obtaining a dog from us, they firstly complete the 
'Breeding enquiry' form below.
We plan another Silken litter in the early part of 2009 from one of the Fire Girls.