Borzoi Litter born 31 July 08 Solar/Payatz
All puppies, in this litter have been adopted, two boys remain here at Endevor clickon the name to go to the individual pages.

Endevor President Argowan         Endevor Steel Magnolia
Endevor Senator JFK           Endevor Lady Bird          

Endevor Congressman          Endevor Fancy Nancy

Endevor Statesman


Irish, Int. Ch Datcha Payatz at Menigma RIP- sire

Payatz - photo taken in 2008

This is INT.Ch. Datcha Payatz at Menigma, he is the handsome sire of Solar's summer 08

Solar + Payatz's Litter 2 days

The Girls

E.Senator - 5 months

Endevor Senator JFK - Jay

E.Statesman - 5 months

E.Statesman - 5 months

The Boys

E.President - 5 months

Endevor President - Dyson

Endevor Statesman - Ferret

let sleeping dogs ......


and bitches


At just over 15 weeks of age, the pups are now about the same size as the Adult Silken Windhound girls. We thought it would be fun to get some photos of them together & in complimentary groups.

Pictures below - more Silken size comparing at 19 weeks.

The previous weeks of the pups growing have moved to another page, to view them, just click on the link below

photos week 1 to 8 - link (click)

Summer 08 Borzoi Litter

Ch. & IR Ch. Datcha Payatz at Menigma

Radost Tazeb Jasper Del Viento (USA Imp.)

Ch. Kenai's Aldebaran

Am. Ch Ryann's eclipse at Kenai

Am.Ch Timber Ridge's Abi of Kenai

Am. Ch. Santa Clara Del Viento

Am. Ch Sky Run Gavril Virtai Zip JC

Am.Can. Ch. Tazeb's Zena

Datcha Boltushka

Ch. Rothesby Seahawk

Ger.Ch.Sholwood Silver Fox

Ch. Rothesby Serin of Sholwood

Datcha Plamia

Ch. Sholwood Striking Midnight at Datcha

Datcha Grushka

Starborough Smoke Chant

Ch. Stelkos Song To The Moon

Strelkos Wings of Time

Am. Ch. Cordova Mishkova of Andville

Ch. Starborough Scarlet

Ch. Starborough Gorse at Redbanner

Ch. Starborough Sea of Dreams

Ch. Starborough Russian Opal

Hepi Hepri Liman

Ch.Blrus Georg Alderbaran De Nobile Veltrus

Ch. Metelitsa Hepi Hepri

Ch. Starborough Fait Accompli

Starborough Special Edition

Ch. Starborough Sharmanka

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