BCC & RBIS 2009 & RCC 2011 Borzoi Club

Ch. Starborough Solar Eclipse over Endevor

Solar was exhibited at Crufts 2013 winning Veteran Bitch and the RCC, she only attended two shows through 2011, she was awarded 2nd in the Open Bitch Class at Crufts by Jean Clare in March 2011 and at the Borzoi Club Ch.Show in October of the same year she won the Veteran bitch class & Reserve Bitch CC under judge Espen Engh and with Roger Heap's agreement  Best Veteran in Show. http://theborzoiclub.org.uk/#/champ-show-2011/4556141366
This qualified her for Borzoi of the Year where she won Best Veteran
What more could you really ask, Solar always loved going to shows and to do so well at these in particular, I feel now is the time to retire her, although I know she would willingly go on showing; she struggles with her weight and her coat does not have the same quality, having been neutered later in life.

From her 2009 appearances (a total of 6 shows) Solar has added 2 reserve CC's the second of which fromThe Hound Association judge Christine Spenser and two Challege Certificates the first this year at Paignton from Denise Courtney. And the secondr from Chris Mayers at The Borzoi Club Championship Show where she was also awarded  RBIS.

Crufts 2013 winning Veteran Bitch

Crufts 2009 & 2013 Reserve CC winner

at Richmond Ch. Show

Solar is a UK Champion, sparingly shown (at the age of five she had attended a total of only 20 championship shows through from junior) she has 5 CC's 3 with BOB and 3 Reserve CC. Picturered above at Richmond 07, where she was awarded RCC by Christine Spencer. Her CC's were awarded by Jenny Dove, Richard Duckworth and Joy Mahoney, Denise Courtney and Chris Mayers.
Solar is a vivacious character who has hardly put a paw wrong, since she entered the showring, she has shown that she has a passion for it, and we look foward to her continuing in the way she has started.

'not just a pretty face'

Solar & Payatz

For photos of Solar/Payatz Litter please now visit puppies page
Solar is, and always has been a strong intelligent character, with a clever manipulative streak that gets her just about all that she needs. She leads the pack here at Endevor, sometimes her exploits include taking the pack 'hunting'  even 6 weeks in whelp, she managed to catch her own breakfast one morning - a rabbit, this was abably assisted by her under-study 'Fira the Silken' who'd flushed it from the otherside of the field into her path. Other times the Dachshunds are her willing aides, who go 'to ground' (they prefer to surface dig only) while Solar will dig furiously, using her front legs and her mouth to quickly make a large hole that she can get most of her front end into. Other times the Dachshunds go into the undergrowth to flush out the rabbits, quite often she is so intensely fixed on executing 'the dig' the rabbits will make a dash for it out the back door without her realising.

Gone hunting?

Solar is a vivacious character who has hardly put a paw wrong, since she entered the showring, she has shown that she has a passion for it, and we look foward to her continuing in the way she has started.

At her first Championship show (Birmingham National 2005) Solar took BPIB (judge Christine Spencer), then 3rd in the Puppy Hound Group (judge Bryn Cadogan). Amongst her many other wins she made me very proud at her second championship show outing, when having already gained BPIB (judge Zena Thorn-Andrews, she went on and won Best of the day in the Puppy Stakes Classes at Bath 2005 under judge Denise Courtney.

She then blew her coat but managed to get enough back and competed twice more in the Pro-plan/Dog World Puppy stakes after this initial win, gaining VHC on both occasions.
Holder of The Svora Trophy - best in Puppy Bitch Classes for Chamionship Shows 05
What the Judges Said
At 6 months
Woolwich & Bexley first show - Open BP & BOB Norman Ziman - she made the cut for BPIS -
6.5 months - Open BP Liza Tyler
Northern Borzoi Assoc. MPB 1st Michael Real
At 7 months
Crystal Palace Open BP & RBPIS
At 8 months
Birmingham National 05 Christine Spencer. Breed BPIB lovely head and dark eye, good shoulders and quarters, lovely outline, moved extremely well and behaved like a veteran.
Hound Puppy Group 3 Bryn Cadogan impressed for her type and typical movement, another I'm sure has a good future ahead.
At 8.5 months
Bath 05 Zena Thorn-Andrews. Breed: BPIB Quite superb baby. a lovely build which reflects in her profile length of stride. Her head is a touch too filled in between the eyes.but they are set OK and her length and strength of head is good. A really exciting prospect.
Denise Courtney Puppy Stakes: Best Ultility & Hound Puppy Day 4. Beautifully presented, full of quality and of lovely type. Elegant head, almond shape dark eyes with aloof expression. Nicely arched neck flowing into correct shoulder placement. Good forelegs and strong pasterns. shapely hindquarters, good feet and tail carriage. Graceful sound mover in lovely condition, handled & presented well.
At 11 months
Hound Assoc Valerie Tuton. PB 2 is at the in between stage and totally out of coat. Pleasing well veined head with dark obliquely set eye, topline not balanced at present with steep fallaway. good length of body with wide quarters. moved well in profile.
At nearly 12 months
City of Birmingham Angela Randall. a raw puppy although showing promise, the best mover in the class and showing potential as she matures.
Puppy Stakes VHC
Richmond Shirley Rawlings. BPIB Sweet feminine head with eye of good shape. Neat ears, good length of neck into well laid shoulder. lovely outline, strong quarters. moved well, must have a promising future.
Puppy Stakes VHC
As a Junior
Hound Club of East Anglia Premier Open
Sp. Yearling Class 1st & B.Jun Victor Shivevrskikh (Russia) 12 months old. Nice type, very feminine female, nice balanced. correct bite, full dentition. Good construction, good correct bones. Nice beautiful feminine head, good black eyes, ears set correct, but a bit big. Good, enough long neck. Nice top-line, correct for female. Good rear & front angulation, correct feet, tail is not correct, screw to the left side. Good free movements.
LKA  05 JunB 1st Jeff Horswell
Vitalin Pick of the Litter Competition 05 (having been lightly shown as a puppy 6 X Ch. shows & 3 X Open Shows) Solar scored 49 points in this competition, the only Borzoi pup to be listed this year.
Woolwich, Bex & Dist Open Show. Jun class 1st & BOB Lesley Spence. 15 month old bitch & she eclipsed me. just breathtaking, correct head & expression, lovely neat ears. Correct & balanced fore & aft angulation. Straight front legs with correct bone to height and body length ratio, deep chest. Excellent width through her hind quarters. So well muscled but a very feminine bitch, well shown.
Crufts 06 SpJun 1st Rose-Marie Downes. A very balanced nicely made bitch with no exageration. Feminine head goodreach of neck. sound front super length, I would like a little more depth of chest but I am sure this will come with maturity. Gentle topline. strong hindquarters giving free flowing profile movement. Very sound mover.
Horley & dist. Open Show. Jun, BOB Vivien Phillips, Lovely 17 month old bitch. Very nice head & eye. Good strong front assembly, lovely deep brisket, plenty of heart room. Well let down to elbow. Ribs go well back into strong hindquarters used to advantage on the move. Good fallaway well muscled. Good tuck up. Moved with plenty of scope. Very well presented & delighted to see her - H.Group2
Borzoi Club Open Sept 06 GB 1st & RBB J.Fothergill - only crit. was " I was heartbroken apart from the top 5"
Birmingham 06 PGB 2nd Most promising ultra sound bitch. Taller than the winner not quite the detail in head. Good upper arm and shoulder. One you have to get your hands on to appreciate, well bodied tremendous width behind. Moved very well with drive, just preferred the length of loin of winner very close decision.
Richmond 06 PGB 1st Ann Gayford a bitch of the size I like. Good head and expression topline and hindquarters. Totally sound in all directions with excellent ground covering side gait. 
Crufts 2007 PGB 2nd Vic Harrison
Birmingham National 2007 1st, BCC & BOB Jenny Dove. Easy moving brindle & white, gorgeous quality hound who has all the essentials including coat on the day. Still a youngster at 21/2 years but a pleasure to judge CC 7 BOB and I was thrilled to see her go Group 3
Hound Group 3 from Terry Thorn  "it was an exceptionally strong group and with all 29 possible breeds represented it presented quite a headache to come up with the winners. In fact because of the outstanding quality, I short-listed no less than 12 for final consideration. Group 3 was the Borzoi bitch, as sound as they come and in brilliant muscular condition all through, super feminine head with correct veining, strong neck, nice front, body & hindquarters, purposeful true movement".
Photo by Carol Ann Johnson
We have subsequently heard, that this was to be Terry's last judging appointment for the time-being, as he is set to undertake intensive health treatment. We wish him the very best with this and his future health and thank him for his gracious comments of Solar 

Paignton Ch Show
07 Limit B 2nd. Jean Lanning. So much to like good head and eye, front action could be more positive.
Richmond Ch Show 07 Limit B 1st, RCC Christine Spencer
The Borzoi Club Ch. Show 07 Limit B 2nd Derek Harrison - close decision - Good strong bitch with correct depth of chest. Good shoulder placement, neat ears and good veining, just prefered the movement of 1.
LKA Ch Show 07 Limit B 1st CC, BOB Richard Duckworth. What a lovely example of the breed. she is tall elegant and femine without any loss of strength. She has a lovely head excellent forechest which is lacking in so many. Relaxed topline and well angulated hindquarters. moved beautifully, presented in superb muscular condition. CC & BOB
Crufts 08 Limit Bitch unplaced Pam Marston-Pollock. To be fair, although Solar did nothing wrong, it was a strongly contested class and she was not in her best attire on the day.
Tunbridge Wells & dist Open Show BOB & HG2 judge Claire Boggia
Northern Borzoi Assoc. Ch Show 5 April 08 Limit B 2nd Sheila Ridge-Reeves
Welks Ch Show 08 Limit B 4th Trevor Jepson
Owing to a sick car, we have been unable to make the journey to Birmingham, or anywhere else until -

S.Wales Ch. Show July 08 we took Solar to Wales under Judge: Joy Mahoney and were delighted that she won her Open class -  and then took the Bitch Challenge Certificate this has made her title - Champion Starborough Solar Eclipse over Endevor. Her breeder Lorraine Marchant is deservedly proud of her (as are we), Solar's title makes the 5th Champion Bitch in an unbroken generations line, of champion bitches from the Starborough Kennel. Quite an achievement of breeding.

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