Champion Manitias Kilimanjaro over Endevor Sh

Ch.Manitias Kilimanjaro over Endevor

Fernheath Wired Thor Sound with Endevor

Colhugh Calatka 1CC 2RCC 1GS

Ch Vronsky White Hunter

Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds came to live with us alongside the Borzoi in May 1995. Millie our foundation in Dachshunds lived for13 years & 6 months, she was adored by White Hunter and all the others since. Strong always, but fair in character, she had substancial input on the pups from litters raised here, her own, and those from the others. She insisted that she would go baby-sit the first litter of Silken Windhounds when they first went into the outside kennels, she 'lay in state' for 4 hours with those babies as close to her as she could encourage them to be, then she was happy, she came in for her tea and never offered to baby-sit them again, but they all respected her. She has overseen all of the works and improvements at our present home and was, as we affectionately called her, 'Inspector of Works' - in charge!

Millie gave us four wonderful litters of the most adorable pups, parting with any of them, was not easy, and we had one girl kept from each litter, until we sadly lost our beautiful, precious Daisy.
Our Forth Borzoi At the top of this page is Colhugh Calatka although he never completed his UK title he did take one CC, 2 reserve CC's (one from Crufts) and an Irish Green Star , he was from litter with Ch. C. Camiknickers, Ch.C.Claude, Ch.C. Crimebuster amongst them. By the time he was two we'd had a litter of our own, twins!  Followed the next year with our own Borzoi CARD's litter(above). Although my love for the Borzoi has never diminished, the expense and trouble of showing them became low priority at this point in my life. We had attempted to breed our own  bitch, Shelbor Countess Anoushka of Endevor during the year before aquiring Latka, to his Sire; Ch. Olias Tangerine Dream. This was not to be and we sadly said goodbye to Anoushka at a very early 4 years of age, after an initial attempt to treat osteosarcoma resulted in a re-growth, 5 months down the line. 
The Origin of Borzoi at Endevor We still had one of our original two males, Colhugh Callboy son of Ch.C.Valla to Ch.Greenhaven Barrie, having lost his brother C.Cwango at less than 2 years. I still can't be sure what the real cause of his untimely death was, except perhaps to say that it was a result of a culmination of things which had started with an unfortunate accident while we were holidaying in Devon. Rob, has ever since, been unhappy about taking dogs with us, on holidays.
After loosing Anoushka, we were shortly offered Jill - Yadasar Black Queen, as a young female that needed a new home in a hurry, she' d changed hands just 6 weeks before from her original home. But had shown her hunting instinct in an unfavourable way by killing a prized pedigree kitten at this new home. To be honest, I could see that she was of good make & shape, but she was moulting heavily, was underweight and just looked totally miserable when we met the people that had brought her half way down country to meet us outside a showground. I could no more have walked away from her then, than fly. We got her home late that evening and she had her share of problems, but with patience and learning from the confident males around her, she found her feet and became one of the most devoted Borzoi bitches I have ever had the pleasure of owning. She produced for us our first litter in late 1984 and being Jill's official KC registered name; 'Yadasar Black Queen' I chose the theme of CARDS. We kept Endevor's Gin Rummy  he was the suprise package of the litter being the only sable and born some 16 hours later than the rest of his litter mates - Never a showman but none-the-less one of my greatest loves, he worshipped me and the feeling was mutual! His S.Black litter sister; Endevor's Black Mariya stayed too, I dubbed her Witchy Pooh, she was devoted enough, but with a devilish trait to her nature, I considered her good enough for the showring. She liked to go to shows and surf the Trade Stands but she would sulk in the ring when asked to present for the judge, so I gave in to her and called a halt to the showing altogether, until our sons were older. Latka having been a pre-children dog found the change in his circumstances unacceptable,  I could not offer him what he demanded (loudly) :- much more of my attention, and so with much soul-searching I sought another home for him where he'd be happier. He spent the 2nd half of his life (unshown) & with a family with 2 older children whom he adored, and was in return adored by all of the family excepting one of their cats, although Latka never hurt it they apparently had a mutual dislike of each other.
Why White Hunter One of my saddest days was the day Rummy left us, it was totally unexpected although he'd been ill, just as he'd been before in his life, he was on antibiotics at the time. After returning from a day out with the twins, I'd taken the dogs for a short walk & fed them, all seemed well. But within a half hour Rum was in distress, unable to breath properly, something was seriously wrong before we'd gotten a neighbour round to sit with the boys while we made a trip to the Vet, he'd died in my arms. It was at this time I'd already promised to visit the Vronsky kennels with my friend who'd booked a bitch from her first breeding of the imported Leicros Zilver Spirit. Sue must have telepathically known something was wrong, she phoned me that day to postpone the visit. I did go with her a month or so later, to see her bitch puppy and fell for Rose-Marie's V.Walk on the Wildside, a litter brother. We left after I'd made Rose-Marie promise that if she ever bred anything of the like of him again (being the colour of C.Cwango) she let me have first refusal on it. It took 18 or more months but I got a phone call that went something like 'Well the litter is here and there is just one male, that colour - he's yours if you want him'  And So White Hunter it was.
White Hunter comes home Having lost Jill some short time after Rum, Mariya was nearing 8 years when 'Troy' arrived, she was not overly impressed in the begining, with our precious new addition. He was determined from the start to make his presence known to all and although it took a little time and one bloodied nose from her, he won over the Witch. Then as one of my sons expressed an interested committment to the dogs and the showing there of, I decided that a M/L Dachshund would be a suitable complement to the fold, in order that he'd be more able at handling in the ring.
Millie the black & tan with a huge personality came home and turned Troy into her plaything.
About this time Troy services were requested and his son Fernheath Wired Thor Sound with Endevor, came to Endevor, initially with his sister Chloe (she was run-on with him, for my friend Sue).
Champion Vronsky White Hunter, with such a big personality I felt some early basic obedience training was necessary, this paid off & Troy was a joy to own & show. He knew he was much admired and would stand like a rock and do just about anything I asked of him. Show-off! :- he must have help invent the term!
The Loss of  White Hunter this came suddenly like a bolt from the blue. He'd been entered the year Crufts was postponed due to the foot & mouth outbreak. He was alive and well in the March when it should have been held but had become ill and died of renal cancer before the rescheduled date in May. It was my saddest ever Crufts that year,
going along to watch knowing he should have been there, strutting his stuff but without him, it seemed a hollow place that year.

Kili now joins this page, sadly we lost him suddenly in December 07, he lived until the age of 10 years and 3 months, joining us at Endevor at 4 years of age. I often wonder how he would have been if we'd had him from the begining, in truth that is why I desperately wanted something from him, a son perhaps. It was never to be, so for now I will search for his like again.
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