Little Princes - Endevor Prince Valliant

Spice is deffinitely Mr nice, he is a fun loving best friend kinda guy, everyone he meets is soon cast under his magical spell, they just have to be friends and play with him. His best game is running like the wind, he's a Windhound and he knows it, if there is an obstacle in his path, a puddle, a stream, a river or a small lake, so much the better - he'll plough right on through at top speed as though he can walk on water. He'll appear from nowhere at top speed, and what could be more fun than giving your contemperaries a good soaking, using the element of suprise in doing so.
He lives in Scotland with his owner Jane,  one other Silken Milly, who is his cousin, two very well mannared collie ladies and two lovely, long-suffering cats, all of whom he adores.

Spice with Milly

Who's a handsome boy!