Barndance (Blake) is our American import male, he was bred by Francie at Kristull ranch in America, and left the USA with his sister in June 09 and had been living in Holland with his foster Mum Juul, until the completion of his Pet Passport. This was a great arrangement, as I was able to visit him a couple of times, once with the Silken Girls before he made the trip, in March 2010 across the channel to join the team here permanently.
He is the sweetest natured boy, calm and sensible when he meets strange dogs, he will try to win them over whatever they are like, even if they are not so friendly towards him. He loves pups and will mind them while they chew at him, although he is rather wary of the babies before they start running around.
He plays equally well with other Silkens or the larger Borzoi, afterall everyone is friends with him.
Barndance has been with Endevor for 2 years now, and produced two litters for us : -
The Dances
The Princes  litters and we hope that very soon that he will have a new family in Finland for
Tsaarikon Silken Windhounds.

Best in Match 2012 UKSWC

MDR1 & CEA clear Blake probably is, the sweetest kindest dog that I've ever known. So gentle with the Silken girls (I'm sure he is in-love with Miss Lily) but also, an 'honorary thug' when he visits the Borzoi males, this he insists on doing for a game of rough and tumble every morning when they come out of their sleeping quarters. Growling, barking and mouthing, tussel time over, it's time to turn his attention back to the girls, off down the paddock with Solar to chase off any straying pheasants. I think even Solar, is a little bit in-love with Blake, he is so tuned into her and each of the others..

Below are some of his baby photos and directly below a photo of me showing Blake in Leek Holland at the Dutch ISWS Specialty Show, he was placed 2nd in the puppy class. Proving his strength of character it was quite an achievement for him, as it was only this weekend he was ever asked to 'show'. And to all intense and purpose I was an unknown handler for him.
Baby Blake in Holland
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