Ch Kili Crufts 06 RCC

Cruft 07 winning Vet Dog

Ch. Manitias Kilimanjaro over Endevor ShCM (9.9.97 - 11.12.07) Manitias Blacklord Caesaro ex Falconcrag Karatai

Kili probably needs little introduction. I was fortunate indeed, to be allowed to have him, I think I needed him as much as he needed me! There is not much more I could ask of a dog, in the showring he quite simply, does his best, I've hardly ever known him, not to give his all, if he doesn't there's a reason. 

Sometimes described as 'an accident waiting to happen', usually at home - he's had his share! the most infuriating being the day before Crufts 05, he missed Crufts 05 and it took nearly 6 months of recovery time. Even so, he managed a comeback gaining 2DCC's, 1 RDCC in 05, and for the second time on his 3rd visit Crufts 06) took the RDCC  (judge Rose-Marie Downes). The first having been Crufts 04 (judge Mrs Brenda Stears - USA). At his only other show performance in 2006 rewarded us with his 8th CC and BOB.

Winner of The Borzoi Club's Ramsden Challenge Cup Best Male at Championship level (Open Class & BOB wins counted i.e. not groups) for  2004 and 2005, also The Zomahli Tray (BOB Leeds Ch.) 2004 and 2005. The Minichkov Trophy - Best B & W exhibit 05 & 2006.

In 2006 Kili attended just 2 shows; Crufts where he was awarded the RDCC (Judge - Rose-Marie Downes) and Southern Counties Championship Show where he was awarded by Mark Cocozza (his first time allocating CC's in Borzoi)  Dog CC and Best of Breed.
In 2007 Kili competed at just one show Crufts to win the Veteran Dog Class, I had decided that this would probably be his last competition as I felt that the strain of travelling was too taxing on his well-being at this age, he'd never been an over enthusiastic car dog, but it was hard to tell if it was car-sickness or just over-excitement he was feeling, as he was always much calmer and relaxed on the homeward journeys.

What the Judges said in the begining!
Coulsden Open Sept 01 - Kili's first ever show at 4 years of age : - judge Nick Bryce-Smith Grad. 1st. good overall well proportioned male, refined head, good reach in neck, well laid shoulder & good return in upper arm, had depth, nice topline not overdone, light flowing action.
Sutton Opent 01 second show judge Jackie Wilson Grad. 1st Delightful B & W, really loved him, has a lot going for him, when he calms down am sure he will trouble the best. Without doubt the best mover in the class, classic masculine head, good eye, correct ears, good eye shape, long neck, best of shoulder placement & return of forearm, deep chest, good tuck up, correct topline. little happy with his tail at the moment. Moved so well. RBOB
Borzoi Club Open Mar 02  Ian Bond LD 1st b/w according to the catalogue this dog is 91/2 years (wrong - 4.5years!) I find it difficult to believe as he was one of the best movers here today, with a beautiful free flowing side action & absolutely true coming & going, pleasing, elegant head, long lean yet strong & masculine, good shoulders & upper arm, strongly muscled hindquarters, good depth of body, good bone, excellent balance.
Later Critiques
Southern Counties 06
Mark Cocozza DCC & BOB Excells in proportions and balance. Lovely head and eye flows from neck to tail. A real hound who flows on the move with little effort covering good ground. A nice balance of strength and elegance and a credit to his age.
At ten years and three months of age he has left us, it was frightingly sudden, he was in such discomfort and pain, the decision to relieve him from suffering had to be swiftly made, he was a stunningly beautiful devoted Borzoi companion to the end, never looking his age, even then.