UKSWC Specialty

Ozzy enjoying the judging

Summer 2014

Ozzy stacking nicely

Endevor Prince of Darkness - BP UKSWC 2012

11 months

Fastest Novice Event UKSWC 2013 Track Event

Endevor Prince of Darkness winner Fastest Male novice Track Event

Oz is the Dark Prince, he has a sensitive nature and probably takes himself just a bit too seriously. However, since the addition of a new, outgoing pup to the household, he is learning to relax more and watches as the pup learns, he is learning to chill more himself. He has a glorious natural stance, which he loves to practice when he's not glued to you. He is so loving to his humans whom he loves to please, the type of dog who would love you to wear him all of the time if you just would.