Jas takes the Silkens on a bike ride

Silkens have FUN

We took a number of Silkens to School to help the students with an Art Unit they are doing, the idea was to get some action shots of them. Oz certainly provided them with an extra opportunity when he decided on an impromptu dip. He had been happily running around the edge of the pond when he suddenly sprung off the edge and into the middle of the pond, in retrospect he probably thought it was a sunken garden and still part of the grass area. He came out bedecked with green speckled weed, whether Lily felt left out of the excitement, I'm not sure as she is clearly watching Oz's antic from the pond edge but within a couple of minutes she too, decided it was a swimming lesson, I think she also secretly enjoyed the laughing bystanders as she shook herself off.

Oz posing beautifully before his dip

help! I'm drowning


Lily looking smug