Sadly no miniature long/h dachshunds left at Endevor now, Jasmine (photo right) went in the early summer of 2014. I said no more Dachies, but another Jaz, one day perhaps, I would find too hard to resist! Another daughter of Millie, who had lived until just over 13, all too soon, Holly (seen left here) joined Millie, leaving us in the spring of 2010, her eleventh year, (she was the clever one, having studdied at obedience classes, the other two never enrolled)

Jasmine (on the right) was the youngest, the 'Petra Pan' of Dachs, everybody who met her believed her to be not much older than a puppy. Outside, she was the noisiest of the pack and took great delight in 'shouting at the top of her voice' at any of the Borzoi or Silkens that happen to be let-loose to run, her way of encouraging them to run like mad things with her attempting to be a sighthound in hot pursuit (or so she believed).  Quite amusing to watch but ear-plugs  advisable. Her other task in life was to reassure Kili at least once each day how very much she loved him. This she'd done more or less since the day that he arrived at 4 years of age, when she was just a pup of 6 months. She adored him without reservation and would not quit; whinging, jumping up at his head, then laying between his front feet displaying her wears until he acknowledged her existance with a cursory sniff - then she'd happily  wiggle her way off, with a satisfied smirk on her face. She seemed a little lost when he died, although she always did  show her affections and made a fuss of each of the other males, the adoration ritual was transferred on my son's family instead, when they call in, she was besotted with our grandaughter Elli.
She took on her mother's old role, as the home protector with a loud & deep Dachshund voice that rivalled her mother who had the loudest & deepest you'd be likely to come across. Most house visitors thought we at least had a Rottweiller indoors - no! -  I heard Millie once described as a Ratweiller!

They are all delightful lap or bed warmers (if allowed) but they are also hunters being hounds, and make no mistake they quickly revert back to type if they can get their paws on a small feathery or fluffy creature. The delightful Jasmine aided by Holly has ably demonstrated to Fira,  just how to; catch, pluck and joint a live pheasant! The sometimes 'go to ground' and take their time returning home when in this frame of mind, it's advisable to avoid the walks with rabbit warrens and badger sets on the days when walking time is limited. Beware, they also love pocession games and if allowed to, spend lavish amounts of time guarding (almost anything ) of any negligable worth, from anybody seriously interested in it i.e. unwanted food, tired toys or well past, bones - Millie has been known to guard both puddles and rabbit holes in her younger more foolish days!

The best thing about them:-  they adore a fuss made of them & will endlessly amuse visitors with their cuteness, tail wagging and wiggling! The worst thing about them:-  when visitors arrive they make up for in noise what they lack in size!

Jas posing